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Colorful Beach Changing Towel

Colorful Beach Changing Towel

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Our Microfiber Beach towelling poncho adults is perfect for a day at the beach or pool. Measuring at 80*110 cm and made from a polyester-cotton blend, this towel is both lightweight and quick-drying. The other side is printed with a fun and colorful rainbow stripe design using digital printing, making it both soft and durable.

Choose from a range of personalized options to make it extra special. Add your name or initials to the towel to create a unique and memorable gift for yourself or a loved one.

    In addition to our decathlon quick dry towel, we also offer a range of other large hooded beach towels, including adult hooded poncho beach towels and printed hooded poncho beach towels. Check out our full selection to find the perfect towel for your needs.

    Looking for a lightweight option for your hooded towel? Check out our Lightweight mens hooded towels, available in a range of stylish designs.

    Bullet Points

    1. Vibrant and Colorful
    2. Our towel features a wide array of vibrant colors, adding a pop of excitement to your beach outings.
    3. Practical Changing Towel
    4. Designed for easy changing, our towel offers privacy and coverage while you transition between swimwear and regular clothes.
    5. Quick-Drying and Absorbent
    6. Made from fast-drying and absorbent material, our towel helps you dry off quickly and stay comfortable after swimming or water activities.
    7. Versatile Swimwear Cover-Up
    8. Use our towel as a stylish and colorful cover-up, adding flair and functionality to your beach ensemble.
    9. Convenient Beach Essential
    10. Enjoy the convenience and practicality of our colorful towel hoodie adults, a must-have accessory for seamless beach transitions.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Ava Wilson
    Stylish and Comfortable

    The beach changing towel is stylish and comfortable. It not only keeps me dry but also adds a trendy touch to my beach outfits.

    Noah Smith
    Soft and Gentle

    The beach changing towel is soft and gentle on the skin. It doesn't cause any irritation, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

    Sophia Thompson
    Portable and Compact

    The beach changing towel is portable and compact. It easily fits into my bag or backpack, making it convenient for beach trips and vacations.

    Ethan Davis
    Great Coverage and Comfort

    The Hooded Towel provides great coverage and comfort. It's large enough to wrap around the body and keeps me cozy and warm after swimming.

    Olivia Wilson
    Cozy and Stylish

    This beach changing towel is cozy and stylish. It keeps me warm while looking fashionable at the pool or beach.

    Surf Changing Hooded Towels

    Discover the Ultimate Comfort with Our Multifunctional Hooded Towels

    Product Highlights

    Stay Warm and Dry:
    Our adult hooded towels are designed to keep you warm and dry after surfing or swimming. The absorbent material quickly wicks away moisture, ensuring you stay comfortable.

    Easy Changing:
    With a spacious design, our towels make changing out of wet swimwear easy and discreet. No need for changing rooms or towels slipping off.

    Perfect for Travel:
    Lightweight and compact, our hooded towels are easy to pack and take with you to the beach, pool, or any water activity.

    Stylish and Versatile:
    Whether you're a surfer, swimmer, or beachgoer, our adult hooded towels come in a variety of stylish patterns to suit your personal taste.

    • hooded robe towel

      Material Details

      Embrace our highly absorbent changing poncho, featuring a soft ant-cloth fabric that feels gentle on your skin.

    • printed hoodie beach towel with various size

      Size Options

      Available in various size options (Small-Medium or Large-Extra Large) and designed for a comfortable, looser fit to enhance your changing experience.

    • hooded towel city beach

      Shipping and Returns

      We offer fast, reliable shipping and a hassle-free return policy to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    Versatile Essentials

    Personalized Service

    Make a statement with our personalized Poncho Towels. Choose your favorite colors, patterns, and add a monogram to create a towel that is uniquely yours. Our skilled artisans ensure top-notch quality and attention to detail in every custom creation. Elevate your beach game with a towel that reflects your individuality. Experience the joy of owning a personalized Poncho Towel that stands out from the crowd. Embrace your style and make waves with our bespoke beach accessory.

    Essentials for Summer

    The poncho-style beach towel seamlessly converts into a rectangular beach towel, offering versatility for your beach activities. Whether you prefer lounging in a poncho or spreading out on a full-size towel, our Poncho Towel has got you covered.

    Experience the freedom and convenience of a multi-functional beach accessory that adapts to your changing preferences. Embrace the summer with our Poncho Towel and make every travel experience a breeze.

    How to clean

    Machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on low heat for best results.