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Big & soft!

Though I didn’t realize it wasn’t a full size towel’ (my mistake) as a hand towel, it was extremely effective, soft, and beautiful. I got 2 for my husband’s birthday last year and he loves them. He turned one into a flag that hangs from the bathroom door and uses the other as a proper hand towel.

Exact print.

Great simple design! Love that it could be in a longer length. Goes great in our black and white bathroom.


This hand towel is super soft! Looks just as pretty as the pictures! But with it being so soft it doesn’t absorb great but it works.

Loved it

Very absorbent great value for the money nice present she loved it very unique and bigger then what I expected.

Rianbow Line Hooded Beach Towel
Color bleeds

I bought this towel for my son (8 years old, height 135 cm) and it is excellent to use every day for 6 months in the swimming pool. I have bought now a second adult size for my husband (187 cm) and it fits just as well. Soft and thin, absorbs well and dries quickly. Washable and tumble dry.

Rianbow Line Hooded Beach Towel
Great quality and beautiful colour

I love this.
due to pandemic, we are not to use the change rooms. so I got this and able to change on pool deck fast and get out.
It is soft and good to dry your self after swim. also It is good to use it at home as overall for relaxing while being home.

Really happy with this robe! Used after paddle boarding, hot tub and mountain biking. Can see me using this all year round, winter and summer sports. It drys quickly aswell!

So many uses!

I can think of so many uses for this! Changing at a mud run, after scuba diving, camping etc. I used to use a towel for the bottom which of course tried to fall off. Then hide in my car for top. This is so much easier! I like the fabric since it folds up small and absorbs water well. I live in FL so I don’t need an Eskimo parka. The storage bag is a plus as well as the front pockets. It also has a loop to hang it up. Perfect! I’m 5’3” so of course got M and it comes to below my knees.

True to description

These towels are better than I anticipated. The microfiber is great, quick drying and kids are loving them. Light weight and space saving too! I'll be getting some more.

True to description

Very handy to have in your bag for the beach. The towels fold up easily and are thin but the same dimensions of conventional beach towels, without taking up lots of space in my beach bag!

a fabulous product

Good travel towel.
Dries quick, lightweight. wig enough to actually cover your body.
Everything you need from a travel towel.
No qualms with it.

Good travel towel

This is a great product, very absorbent and takes up little room. These were a gift for my little grandchildren for swimming lessons. They get a great size towel with fabulous absorbency and they are not heavy and bulky like other towels. For the beach or the pool they can’t be beat.

value for money

Perfect for my active toddler who is cold when getting out of the water but won’t keep a towel on. This stays on with no issues!

Very cute!

This is very cute. Perfect size for my 4 year old and I think he will be able to use it for several years to come. He loves the hood and that he doesn’t have to wrap it around him, plus of course he loves the shark design.

top quality

We love the colour, the oversize, the plush feel, the beautiful leaves and the fact that they are different, yet the same. Temporarily we are using them as curtains in the bedroom - fabulous !

Nice towels!

Bright colours, thick and fluffy. These towels are good quality. Have them for the hot tub and not for travelling. They would be pretty bulky to pack - but that's only because they are big and thick.

Good value.

I am very pleased with these towels. They are very soft, heavy and a quality towel. I’ve washed them at least 5 times and they are as good as new. I bought pink and I’d say the color is a medium salmon color not true pink but I haven’t been able to find a quality pink towel anywhere. Someone mentioned that they shed, but only in the dryer. They haven’t left a bit of material on me or anywhere else. I would highly recommend these towels.

Great, Super service....great, great, great in every way Thankyou so much.

Very colorful towels to have around our pool this summer

Hard to display

Very large for a bath towel! I love it! It’s soft but thick enough to absorb a good amount of water.

Very cute

I don't actually use these towels. I only have them hanging in my bathroom for decoration, but I love the bright colors and the matching accessories.

Cute design, weird size and texture

Just as the title suggests, the print is very cute and looks just like the picture. The size of the towel is much larger than a hand towel and much smaller than a bath towel. Its good for decoration.

The towels are really pretty and look great in my beachy bathroom. They are thin, sort of microfiber like towels. But they launder well and still look good after being washed and dried. I am happy with them

Perfect Beach Towel

I am a big guy and this towel is amazing for all sorts of uses. I love how it can be rolled into less than 1/3 of a regular terry cloth towel while being 100% absorbent. It is beautiful in its print and is impervious to sand. I am going to buy a few more for guests when they come to visit us in Hawaii.

Gorgeous vivid colors!

Gorgeous vivid colors! Larger size than many beach towels. Unisex design. Feels plusher than the thin printed towels in department stores. I liked mine so much, I just bought two more for gifts.

Great fit for my need

We use this as a blanket at preschool (easy to fold small for storage) and it works great. Colors are vibrant and texture is nice even after washing it weekly for two months and it’s big enough to completely wrap around my women size 16 body.